How OKR’s keep you focused on strategic goals and tips to succeed

You’ve heard of KPIs, but what do you know about OKRs and how your organisation can benefit from them when aligned with the strategic goals of the business? We’ll start by defining what an OKR is and how it differs from a KPI.

What is an OKR?

Let’s get the acronym housekeeping out of the way; OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. Every orgnisation has goals and objectives it wants to achieve—specific, measurable results that it hopes to reach and maintain as the organisation grows. When a

Effective PMO in government

Strong project management in public sector agencies establishes effective and cost-efficient outcomes for taxpayers by delivering value in a limited amount of time and with limited resources. It also enables efficient management of time-bound budgets by understanding how all project progress is tracking and where adjustments or reallocations can be made. Though project management has been in play for project-based work in some public sector agencies for 50 years, the need for PMOs has increased